Have you heard? We’re funded!

Have you heard? We’re funded!

Hey everybody!  We did it!  “DIE KITTY DIE!” has been funded! In just a little over a week, you have all made this dream come true!  And the best thing is you’re all a part of it!  You’re in on the ground floor of this whole crazy new universe!  We promise you it will be a fun ride!

And things don’t stop here.  With almost 3 weeks to go, we will be adding stretch goals, add-ons and other incentives to make this project even bigger and better!

We thank each and every one of you for your support!  But right now I want to point out 3 people who have spent a lot of time spreading the word and supporting us and pushing, pushing, pushing to get the word out!

The first thank you goes to Gisele Lagace, who has held our hand and supported us through this whole Kickstarter process. She has really shown us the ins and outs of running a Kickstarter campaign. This girl knows her stuff!  And she has also been a great friend to us as we have had the great luck to work with her this last year!  Gisele, you are the best!

Next, a special shout out to Adam Alamo, who has spread the word of Kitty like it was gospel.  He supports all we do, and has been super helpful in his usage of social media to help push this project forward.

And last but not least, thanks to Justin M. Salvato for filming our video, setting up our website, and all his other digital know how that we know nothing about!  He’s also been a strong force in our social media push!

Again, we are very moved at the friends and fans who have supported us.  Many of you have come to us through our travels at conventions, and you’re like our extended family on the road.

And thanks for letting us do what we love to do most.  Write and draw comics!

Time to hit the drawing board!  Today we should have our first stretch goal posted…and those Christmas Kittys we promised!

All our best,

Dan and Fernando

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