Running out of time to pledge or add-on!

Running out of time to pledge or add-on!

We’re in the final stretch! Heading toward those upcoming stretch goals of magnets, free lanyards and the free HARDCOVER upgrade!  And to help us get there, check out the cool “FINAL WEEKEND” add-ons!

We’ve got newspaper strips by Fernando Ruiz!  Since new art isn’t used anymore on the strips, this is rare art we’re offering here. After it’s gone, there is no more!  And then there’s the choice of 4 cool “ARCHIE MASH-UP” prints by Dan Parent and Fernando featuring Star Trek, Back to the Future, Predator and Sharknado! All prints and art are autographed! Prices are below, and include shipping! And if you choose all 4 prints, one is free!

To add on, just add to your total pledge amount. I will repost instructions on “adding on”  below the update page. Enjoy!

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