Die Kitty Die HOLLYWOOD OR BUST timeline – what to expect & when

Die Kitty Die HOLLYWOOD OR BUST timeline – what to expect & when

2017 will be a big year for DIE KITTY DIE!  Our next DKD series, “HOLLYWOOD OR BUST ” will debut, thanks to our second successful Kickstarter.

Kickstarter supporters can look forward to the delivery of DKD: Hollywood or Bust # 1 by the end of January, in digital format . Then through the end of April, the complete 4 issues will be delivered digitally.

In July, you can look forward to the complete collected DKD: Hollywood or Bust hardcover PLUS the print AND digital edition of the DKD Summer Special.  The summer special will ship with the hardcover.  The DKD Christmas Special will ship separately in November (and available digitally a month earlier in October).

As far as the Chapterhouse editions of the book, we will start off with a new Kitty story for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY as part of the Free Comic Book Day Captain Canuck Special.

Then in May will come the printed edition of DKD: H.O.B. #1 and #2 in June.  In July will come the print edition of the Summer Special through Chapterhouse.

Then DKD: H.O.B. continues with #3 and #4 in August and September.  The Christmas Special will be out in November, pretty much the same time as the Kickstarter edition (but Kickstarter folks can still get the digital edition a month earlier).

So all in all, there will be six issues of Die Kitty Die, (plus the Free Comic Book Day special) and the hardcover.  And wait until you see what’s planned after that ….but we’ll focus on that later!!

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